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Swim lesson group descriptions


  • Primary Focus is Water Safety & Basic Aquatic Skills 
  • Sand-fiddlers group lessons will place the most emphasis on having fun and developing basic aquatic skills while increasing comfort in and around the pool. Once students advance from the Sand-fiddlers group, they will have learned to be comfortable in the water, enter and exit the pool safely, put their face in the water, blow bubbles through their mouth and nose, float, kick and paddle with assistance and swim 6 feet independently, among many other skills.


  • Primary Focus: Fundamental Aquatic Skills 
  • The Stingrays group will continue to focus on comfort in the water and safety skills but will have an increased emphasis on learning to become proficient in freestyle (front crawl). Once swimmers advance from the Stingrays group, they will have learned to fully submerge, float on their stomach & back, glide with a streamline, tread water for 30 seconds and swim freestyle for 10 yards independently, among other skills.

Dolphin Stroke Clinic

  • Primary Focus: Stroke Development 
  • This group is for the child who wants to become a stronger swimmer and learn new stroke techniques. Once swimmers advance from Dolphin Stroke Clinic, they will have a grasp on diving and rotary breathing, be able to swim freestyle for 25 yards independently, be able to swim more than 10 yards of backstroke, be able to tread water for a minute and will have been introduced to breaststroke and butterfly.
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